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Comment on article - Switching Back.

I agree, for the avenge home user Linux is a no-no. Its strengths are in the
Server arena. I run Linux on all my machines at home but I like a challenge.
I'd never put it on my Fathers PC. He has problems finding the power switch,
literally he called me to find out how to turn the pc on. In my opinion
Linux is not yet ready for the enterprise. Until it is set-up so that even
people who learned computers in college can admin it. It wont be ready. I
work in an Enterprise and I can truly say that very few people here would be
able to do simple things like map a network drive (mount -t smbfs -o
username=joebloggs,password=secret //machine/cdrive /mnt/smb) and also the
whole user/group management is far from ready. 

Steven Satelle
i606 4372

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