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Re: Junkbuster problem - looking for external links on same server

> I seem to be able to access sites directly by typing in the URL in a
> fresh Mozilla session. However, if I try to follow an external link on
> a website (e.g. click on the http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages
> link from debianplanet.org), junkbuster seems to look for the external
> file on the server I am currently browsing.

Try this: in Mozilla, go to Edit->Preferences->Advanced->HTTP Networking 
and check the "Use HTTP 1.0" option.  The problem is that Junkbuster 
doesn't support the HTTP version 1.1 protocol.

Even better: install privoxy, the updated replacement for junkbuster.  
(Should be in unstable; don't know if privoxy has made its way to woody.)

Kevin McCarty                Physics Department
kmccarty@princeton.edu       Princeton University
www.princeton.edu/~kmccarty  Princeton, NJ 08544

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