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Re: Debian and relational/additional "projects/imaginatives/discussions" ?

Ron Johnson wrote:
> On Mon, 2002-07-15 at 17:15, Daniel Mose wrote:
> [snip all]
> Daniel, is English a non-native language for you?
First I thank you for your interest in my humble (or not?) self.

This is of course  of some significance to this discussion topic as well, 
I believe. A lot of documentation, as well as a lot of C code for linux, 
and other GNU related programs is written and maintained in English, by 
non-English natives. I think that Mr linux him self f ex is from Helsinki.

I have however not noticed that theese documents seem to be less understand-
able, due to this, except for in very few cases where the Author has mixed 
his own native tongue together with English, without separations or clari-
fications. Of course this is only IMHO. 

Another question is whether a non native English speaking person should even
bother with trying to Create a method together with others (non native or 
native English), to ease up writing of understandable documents in English?

Debian/GNU linux as well as other Linux distributions is spread throughout
the entire world. A lot of documents ( the major part ) in theese distri-
butions are written in English without good translation towards other 
* A personal remark here: I am quite impressed by some of Debians own 
translation efforts. The Debian Home page is very well translated into 
my own tongue.

As English is the predominant documentaion language in Linux. Many of us 
"foreign natives" will either have to read and understand it, or else skip 
the use of Linux / Unix.

I there fore conclude that It is of some significance that non native 
English persons like my self, do take active part in creating methods
to ease-up clear documentation efforts.

I hope that this answers your question, and perhaps a few followup 
questions that you might have.

PS. If you find some of my postings to be somewhat exotic, too esoteric,
or in other ways hard to deal with, don't hesitate to share this opinion 
with me. 
In my own mailbox, personal feedback of any kind is welcome. As for this 
specific topic on Debian-User I am however not sure that I my self will
be posting much more.

It has been kindly pointed out to me that the Debian-doc mailing list is 
a better place to run a topic like this in, if at all at Debian.org that is.
/Kind regards Daniel Mose.

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