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Debian and relational/additional "projects/imaginatives/discussions" ?

This is kind of a weird subject for Debian-User.
In fact I am aware of that this subject might fit better under Debian Devel
(If at debian at all ??? )

I am looking for a forum in where to discuss quality of presentation semantics
within the scope of linux.

This to find a possible volontary way to systematically, and radically 
improve quality of documents that one might want to write, in order to
achieve documents that triggers any readers intuitive backbone abilities of 
understanding the concept and context that the document relates to.

The Discussion will touch Every possible document type in every possible 
language. (Even programming language semantics, In particular: Linux C 
semantics, RFC:s, etc)

This discussion might - (as I hope for) eventually form it self into a 
"project" or an "imaginative"
I feel that many Document writers could benefit from such an effort,
by Consciously applying certain rules in writing, while choosing use of
words that connects well to the concept that they are writing about 
in stead of choosing to use words that would be more general in appliance. 
Some documents use images as a complement to the textual contents.
there are of course many ways of using images within a presentation.
The discussion will also touch different approaches when composing these 
images, and how to fit the images into a document text. 
How discussion on image composition will be made possible is another issue 
within this discussion.
I will not present any examples here, as the above is a bit of topic.

I read a lot of documents, that concerns linux, and some of them already 
complies to certain rules of how to select words/compose images, while the
writer him/her self is probably unaware of or just half aware of that he or 
she is complying to them.
Other documents (in fact most ?), does not follow such rules, or does 
only partially imply them.  ( Theese rules that I mention are yet to be 
written down, but I my self can clearly see connections )


How much of topic am I ?
Perhaps Debians semantics concerns is only towards documents  within a 
Linux Distributional context frame.

If not completely of topic:
Does Debian already harbour a project/imaginative/discussion that is related 
to the above? Where ?

How are the possibilities to achieve such a discussion within the Debian 

Does this strike anybody as being of interest to the Debian Community it self?

There might be similar and active (clean?) discussions toward this topic out 
side of the Debian community. Does any body know of one?

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