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Re: OT: Digital camera, SanDisk, and Debian

Kent West wrote:

> I'm interesting in getting a digital camera. I figure the 2.x Megapixel 
> $200-$300 variety will be fine for my needs. I know next to nothing 
> about these little critters.

Checkout www.dpreview.com for excellent reviews of digital cameras.
That may help you to narrow down the choices.

> I stopped in at Circuit City the other day and learned that there appear 
> to be three basic types of storage medium: Compact Flash (CF), Smart 
> Media (SM), and Memory Stick. The guy I talked to said that Memory Stick 
> was Sony's, and was proprietary. If that's true, that pretty much turned 
> me off of Sony cameras.

I think that is true.

> Whereas I'd like to plug the camera directly into my Debian box (2.4 
> kernels, Sid), I'm not opposed to getting a card reader of some sort. I 
> saw a SanDisk ImageMate for $30 that reads both CF and SM cards. Sounds 
> like a pretty good deal.

If you plug the camera in via USB, then the camera has to be turned on
while you're transferring the pictures off of it. Why waste battery
time? With a card reader, you can leave the camera off except when
you're actually using it to take pictures. Also, if you have more than
one memory card, you'll have to put cards back into the camera to read
them, which is apt to be less convenient than a separate card reader.
The card generally goes entirely into the camera, requiring you to press
a button to eject it, whereas card readers let the card stick out an
inch or two so you can just pull it out again.

SanDisk has several different models in the ImageMate line, not all of
which are USB Mass Storage devices. The SDDR-31 is, and is known to work
with Linux 2.4 kernels with the Generic SCSI, SCSI Disk, and USB Mass
Storage modules (all three are required). I'm not sure which other
models work, but I know not all do. The SDDR-31 is, to the best of
my knowledge, only usable with Type I and II CompactFlash cards, not


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