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How do you process package dependencies?

Could someone explain package dependencies?   Please follow the
path below

For a list of Debian Sofware packages

Select  Editors (in Administration)

Let's chose the editor named vim.
This shows other packages related to vim.

libc6, libgpmg1, libncurses5, dpkg, vim-rt, exuberant-ctags

I presume that vim's proper operation depends these packages
being present in the system.

1.  will these dependency packages be automatically installed
      when you download and install vim or is it necessary to download
      and install these packages individually before installing vim?
Or, does it make
      no difference which you install first?

2.  how do you determine where in the directory system vim
      should be installed and where the dependency packages should be

In summary, how and where do you install vim?

(Yes, I know that vim installs during the installation of Debian.   I
just picked
it as an example of how to install a package that has dependencies)

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