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Re: Problem for X Window

On Sun, 2002-07-14 at 19:58, brian wong wrote:
>    After I configure the "xf86config", the X Window
> still doesn't work. The monitor just shows a title
> "Debian" and the login box. However, the Debian has no
> response after entering the login name and password.
> Also, the cross cursor cannot be controlled by the
> mouse. The situation is similar to "hang".
>    During I configure the file, I put the data
> correctly. My mouse is PS/2 type, so I choose the
> "PS/2". Also, the other setting (such as monitor) are
> correct. But why the problem still exists?

It would be easier to help you if you'd tell us:
* What version of Debian you installed?
* What did you install? Did you install GNOME, KDE, WindowMaker?
* PS/2 mice don't all have the same kind of config, it would help if you
told us what brand it is, how many buttons etc.
* You say that your configuration is correct but it doesn't sound as if
it is. You also say that you configured "xf86config", I assume you meant
you used the program with that name? 
* What file did you configure? This for example is different depending
of which version of Debian we are talking about! Potato with XFree86 3.*
or Woody with 4.*???
BTW There is a X-config tool called xf86cfg available for at least
Woody, but I've never used that myself.

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