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[rjp@belle.apana.org.au: Re: Where to find Pre-made Debian Woody CD:s?]

Ok. I believe I learned some more about Debian. 
The only thing that isn't answered in one way or the other is this: 
(not that I outspoke it that well perhaps...)

Can one become a Debian retailer? How does that work?

Is there a money chain back to debian f ex? 

Thanks folks for the other answers.

Regards /Daniel Mose

PS - I really Dig the speed in which my post got answered in 
(and five times too! = ), There seems to be a lot of nice things going 
on in the world that I don't know about. =) This is mailing list is quite 
a change from the newsgroup alt.os.linux.slackware. 
This is a community...

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On Sun, Jul 14, 2002 at 03:12:11AM +0200, Daniel Mose wrote:
> This might seem like a stupid question, but it makes a fairly good poem... =!
> I have never seen any advertizing from a Debian Retailer in a news paper or a 
> computer magazine. ( or on the web for that matter ) 
> But I see Suse Linux and Redhat in adv campains nearly all the time.
> I have neither seen a Debian Installation CD (+Package CD ) as a "freebie" 
> for bying an expencive Computer magazine. 
> That's how I got my Red Hat 7.1
> The third thing, that I've never seen is a book called 
> "Debian Linux for everyone" - that you can actually borrow from your local 
> public library, or Buy for almost nothing in a sell-out. And that contains a 
> CD distribution of Linux.
> This is how I got my Redhat6.1
> Fourth: I never had any good friend who suddenly turned up with a home burned 
> CD of Debian Linux. 
> How I got my Slackware 7.1
> So... How does people in general aquire a Debian distribution?
> Do you actually have to download everything from the web at 4kB / sec?
> (my modem's average downloading speed) - let's see here.
> My (limited) RedHat 7.1 edition was on 2 full CD:s
> That is 1.3 GB  
> My modem can tew 240kB/minute which is 14 MB per hour.
> This would mean that a Similar 2 CD Distribution would take Nearly a 100 hours 
> to Download. 
> I Would have to give my ISP the same amount of money that the Full RedHat 
> Professional Edition which at the time It was released, consisted of 6 or 7
> full CD records.
> My ISP  Doesn't promote Debian Linux at all 
> - In fact they assume that all of their paying customers run M$Wdoz  
> If you ask them for support on Linux ...)THey refer to tldp.org 
> - ISP-connectivity HOWTO. =!
> My ISP btw Runs themselves on Mandrake Linux boxes... = ( 
> Don't ask me why ...I mean they do promote winduis.
> So: 
> Is there a reasonable way for me to get hold of a copy of a full Pre made 
> Woody (6 CD:s any where in the south of Sweden ? ) or by mail order from
> some place in Sweden? 
> Where would this be ?
> Can anybody do something about this rather peculiar situation ?
> Kind Regards /Daniel
> By the way: No wonder that some people are scared of Debian Linux.
> Ghosts isn't supposed to be real. 

You could try checking out if a Linux User Group (LUG) exists nearby.


lists 5 for Sweden. Probably more local knowledge there.


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