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Re: Mozilla: Home page keeps resetting to default.

On Sun, 14 Jul 2002 12:52, Donald R. Spoon wrote:
> arthur_dent <arthur_dent@xtra.co.nz> wrote:
> > I recently downloaded from the Debian site via a link from the mozilla
> > site, Mozilla Version 1.0.0.
> > It works O.K. but whenever I close the program my Home page keeps
> > defaulting back to whatever has been set by Debian when packaging
> > Mozilla.
> >
> > Can anyone please tell me where to find how to make it keep the setting I
> > set as my home page.
> > Thanks
> Essentially the same as in Netscape, i.e. Edit --> Preferences -->
> Navigator.  Change it to the site you want as a "default" in the top two
> sections of the pop-up box.  The first section determines the start-up
> behavior, and the second section determines the "home' page.

> Cheers,
> -Don Spoon-
Thanks Don
I tried editing via preferences and no go. I set my ISP as my home page but 
as soon as I close Mozilla it defaults back to :
It does this even if I'm online at the time. THough maybe it does this to 
prevent excessive bandwidth usage if your on a local network?
My preferred search engine setting dissapears too whenever I close mozilla. I 
like google to be the default and I've set that too in the preferences but it 
always defaults back to Netscape search.
It's as though I have no Profile? Checking the Mozilla website and looking 
for my profile it has an entry for 'Default' , should this be mine or the one 
used by the browser when no others are found?

thanks again.

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