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Re: does debian really suck this much?

also sprach Stephen Turner <artic_knight@yahoo.com> [2002.07.14.0013 +0200]:
> what the heck? people seek help on debian and dont get answers, people are
> getting insulted and debian supposedly has a good rep? no one answers
> questions around here! no wonder debian has a rep of being the hardest
> damn distro to install. no one can get solutions to their issues.

i think you haven't tried appropriately. you are speaking to one of
the most valuable mailing lists i've found on the internet.

what's your problem, what are the exact circumstances, what's the
relevant configuration, what can you do to reproduce the problem?

give us details, don't bitch and don't flatter. we're in this for you
all and no, we don't get paid for it. so we'll naturally only answer
those posts that we want to deal with.

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