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Re: autologin?

I know I will get slammed for this, but on my laptop, I put something

su - username -c "startx"

In inittab.  Its horrible, and im sure it causes problems I am not aware
of, but it works nonetheless.  Actually I think I put it in a script that
was put in inittab.  Something like that.

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On 10 Jul 2002, Dan Jacobson wrote:

> How do I do autologin on debian (woody?).  You know, when you flip on
> the power, go get a vegiburger, come back, and you are all logged in
> and ready to go, xsession and all.  I use icewm. .wmrc says "default".
> Back on mandrake there is a /etc/sysconfig/autologin.  Here on debian
> I find a
> pam.d (8)            - Pluggable Authentication Modules for Linux
> man page which is exactly way over my head.
> Wait a second, that is part of the Gnome stuff, and pstree shows
>      |-kdm-+-XFree86
>      |     `-kdm---sh-+-emacs-+-emacsserver
>      |                |       `-ispell
>      |                |-icewm
>      |                |-mozilla-bin---mozilla-bin---3*[mozilla-bin]
>      |                |-ssh-agent
>      |                `-xcin
> which must mean I use the K stuff.  Hmmm,  apropos kdm:
> kdm (1)              - No manpage for this program, utility or function.
> kdm.options (5)      - configuration options for X display manager
> Well, as far ask I know, I fear both kde and gnome, and use icewm, but
> anyway, how's one of you cut thru the mustard and tell me how to make
> autologin a reality.

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