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Re: two CST timezones

>> How can I just make my machine call my timezone "+0800"?

A> date -R

Yeah, but that's just one command.  I want every command on the whole
machine that used to say "CST" to now say "+0800".  No timezones of
the past for me.

I mean what happens when the timezone name debian assigns is a dirty
word in the local language?  Can it be adjusted?

OK, I ran tzconfig.  Firstly, you have no choice about what you time
zone is called.  You must give up the association with your country,
and its daylight savings times schedule, and instead pick
        5) Asia                         11) Use System V style time zones

        6) Atlantic Ocean               12) None of the above

None of the above. OK, then I must pick GMT-8:
Thu Jul 11 03:08:07 GMT-8 2002
yes, GMT-8, how intuitive.  Compare this post's headers, "+0800".
Still no choice if you don't like the names given.
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