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Re: SuSE and grub

On Tuesday 09 July 2002 02:26 pm, Ted wrote:
> I have that line to boot Debian and it works ok...It also works with my
> Mandrake partition but it will not work with SuSE...It boots SuSE but
> does not run the scsi emulation..

first off, this is the debian-user list. that simple fact puts your query 
into the category we prefer to see described as off-topic, or marked in the 
subject line as OT. second, scsi-emulation requires a driver initialized by 
the kernel, whether compiled into it or invoked as a module. third, for more 
information, google for suse's scsi-emulation. if you're not willing to take 
on the responsibility for divining your own resources to solve your problem, 
you're obviously out of place requesting help here. take it up with suse.


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