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Re: This is the last war I'm going to fight with you people

In muc.lists.debian.user, you wrote:

> In the 2 or 3 months I've been on this list, I've posted several 
> questions.  The bulk of the responses I've received have made no 
> attempt to answer my questions, but instead have been rude comments 
> that have nothing to do with the questions.

Well, hell.  I'd demand my money back if I were you.  After
all, you paid good money for tech support, so you deserve
prompt and curteous service.


You didn't pay for support?

Well, the nerve of all these unpaid voluteers who didn't ask
how high when you said jump.  They should all be fired.

> From now on, if I post a question, any people who respond but
> who make no attempt to answer the question will be put in my
> spam filter.

Oh! Oh!  I wanna be first!

> I have better things to do than to engage hot heads in
> worthless debates.

Like posting this??

Grant Edwards                   grante             Yow!  TAILFINS!!...click...

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