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Re: Too stupid for courier-imap, but uw-imapd works?

On Thu, 4 Jul 2002 21:59:39 +0000 (UTC) Jason Lunz <lunz@falooley.org>

> mario.vukelic@dantian.org said:
> > *Assumption: To retrieve mail from a remote machine when imap
> > authenticates by pam, I need a regular account on the remote machine
> Not necessarily. Part of what makes courier-imap difficult to
> understand is its variety of methods for setting up users. You might

Stumped me too, for a while.

> The solution I finally went with was creating a courier-style userdb
> (thus using virtual accounts), and having their mail delivered by exim
> to /var/spool/imap. I can post the exim configs for this if anyone
> wants to see them.

My solution too, except I used procmail to do the delivery to the
maildir, with something like:


Much better to use virtual accounts, since you can then manage mail for
external hosts/users without messing with your Unix imap server host.

Note that it was necessary, in the Debian version I used at the time, to
add the "authuserdb" option somewhere in the configuration, since it
wasn't specified by default.

After all the creases were ironed out, courier-imap worked very well,
handling mail for both unix and windows hosts.

Carlos Sousa

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