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Re: Need web server recommendation

On Thursday 04 July 2002 02:19 am, Johann Spies wrote:
> On Thu, Jul 04, 2002 at 12:12:21AM -0500, Glen Lee Edwards wrote:
> > A couple of questions.  How many legitimate email addresses do you
> > have?  When you masquerade the envelope, how many email addresses
> > can you post from?  Envelope masquerading doesn't work, because it
> > locks me into one email address.  If I'm going to go that route, I
> > might as well stick with the username@machine.name address.
> It seems to me that you don't  want a solution to your real problem:
> The fact that there is a problem with you email setup.  In stead you
> want to bash Linux, Apache and mailing list administrators who do
> there work.
> If you want to use a lot of email addresses that is your choice. 
> Then you must work out some way to cope with the problems your choice
> is causing you.  The way to cope is not to abandon Apache or Linux. 
> You can do that if you want, but that will not take your problem
> away.


Thanks for your thoughts.  I was able to subscribe to the Apache users 
list with my primary email address from my wife's Windows box, which is 
behind a Debian firewall.  No problems, no questions.

Once again, the problem is not my setup.  I can post to every other list 
I'm on, no problems - Debian, Red Hat, Procmail, fvwm, inn, ip-masq, 
(several others I won't bore you with).  The problem is one of 
discrimination against Linux when it's used as a desktop.  As I stated, 
I had no trouble subscribing from my wife's Windows computer.  I went 
through the subscription steps including authenticating my email 
address, and was a member of the list within 2 minutes from when I 
initiated the subscription request.

I have no choice in using several email addresses.  My responsibilities 
require I do so.  I HAVE to be able to respond to queries to 
support@(nazarene.ch|fcwm.org|wesleyan.net) using the respective 
support email address, because replies to my letters to clients are 
forwarded to several other people on the support staff for each 
organization.  If I don't do so, but instead use only my 
username@machine.name, I receive the mail fine, but none of the other 
support staff members do.  That is totally unacceptable.

I would like to sincerely thank the two people who actually answered my 
question and sent me suggestions for other web servers.  I was able to 
without problems subscribe to the AOLserver list.  I'll be testing it 
to see if it does what we need.


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