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Re: samba printer permissions problem

also sprach Derrick 'dman' Hudson <dman@dman.ddts.net> [2002.07.02.1555 +0200]:
>     1)  [printer] is not a "magic" section, thus you get a share named
>             'printer'
>     2)  due to #1, windows sees the printer named '\\\printer'
>     3)  when it connects, samba looks in /etc/printcap to fine the
>             printer named 'printer' so it can forward the data to it.
> However, the printer named 'printer' doesn't exist from lpd's
> perspective.

yeah, i actually noticed that right after posting the email and
renamed the section to be the printer name. i don't want the
[printers] magical section, it *does* work with an explicit

> it would work with your print spooler instead of mine.  I think having
> the 'guest ok' or 'public' or 'writeable' options may have an effect
> on whether or not smb users are allowed to print to the printer.  I
> have discovered that the smb user needs to have write permission on
> the 'directory=' directory so that samba can temporarily spool the
> file there before it feeds it to 'lp'.

printable does all that.

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