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keyboard customizations


Hey All! (hope yer day is grand!),

	Got a situation. :--)

	Building a machine for a writter friend of mine who uses some very
customized keyboards. But, with the amount/volumn of 'product' that he
produces, it must work for him! Anyway, below is a direct quote from him to
consider while ask my question further on:

> One thing I hope you or I can do: I used to be able to set functions on the
> keys I wanted, and put SAVE ALL on the keypad "Enter" key, which is
> different from the regular "Enter" key.  But Microshaft balked that by
> refusing to recognize it was a distinct key, and others have slavishly
> followed its arrogant lead.   I used to save automatically by hitting that
> key with my right little finger. I WANT IT BACK.  So far Linux hasn't given
> it to me, but I'm hoping the future holds better.

	To date "I" have never customized a keyboard for specific uses/users.
Although I KNOW that my O/S if very capable of it. So, MY question is, how do
I specify a Dvorak keyboard, and then edit the keylist below that.

1.	switch to DV2
2.	customize specific keys for specific tasks.

	Thanks In Advance!

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