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Re: last try: still trying to make an emergency rescue floppy

vanillicat wrote:
Thanks for all the replies!  With your help, I've killed two birds with
one stone.

First, the command mkboot automagically sets lilo up on a floppy such
that when I boot off the disk, it loads my linux installation without
any additional commands.  This appears to be the bootdisk that the
Debian installation would have made for me.  Judging from the commands
that went by during the process, it appears to do automatically what you
outlined for me, Ted.

Also, I'm investigating grub via that helpful article.  I'm going to
print it out and fiddle around with grub some more as time permits.  In
the interim, I've got my boot floppy, so I feel a little more secure.

I'm currently dual booting the system off my hard drive using lilo, yet
the little aside over at linux journal seems to indicate that grub is a
good loader to use as well.

Anybody care to comment on the usefulness of my switching over from Lilo
to Grub for my booting tasks?

Thanks again for the help; this was exactly what I was looking for!

I use grub but it is a personal preference....You dod not have to run grub each time you make an entry,just add the drive to the list and away it goes...
With your lilo bootdisk it is better to make a copy of it to /
dd if=/dev/fd0 of=/bootdisk...This way if all fails you can use toms rtbt to dd it to another floppy...Belt and braces ;-)

  Ted Wager
   Libranet Linux user

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