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Re: MTA with automatic per user bcc support?

* Victor Julien (lists@huizehofstee.xs4all.nl) [020702 17:09]:
> Hi,
> The (other than that crappy) mailserver at my job supports 'bcc in' and
> 'bcc out' per user. In this way an user can read his mail at home and at
> work. I've searched on the sites of sendmail, exim and qmail for such a
> feature, but i can't find it anywhere.
> I'm looking for something like:
> john: 	bccin: manager@foo.com bccout: john@home.com
> ronald: bccin: manager@foo.com bccout: ronald@home.com
> maria:	bccout: maria@home.com
> harry:	bccin: harrys_department@foo.com
> etc.
> this should be in a file somewhere in the mailserver configdir.
> Does anyone know how to do this? Does some MTA support it?

Exim has full-featured address rewriting. The default debian
configuration allows you to put "outgoing" email addresses for users in
/etc/email-addresses . /etc/aliases allows you to configure aliases for
inbound mail. I think these are exactly what you're looking for. (BTW,
just about any MTA should be able to do this type of thing; it's just
easier in Exim =)

good times,
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than astronomy is about telescopes." -E.W. Dijkstra

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