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RE: Floppy Image to Install

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> From: Matthew Tedder [mailto:matthew@tedder.com] 

> what boot image do I need to put on the floppy to make
> it boot and start the installation of Woody, that I 
> currently have on CD.  I have all 8 CDs downloaded and burned.  

Go to:
and get the root.bin and rescue.bin files.  The rescue.bin file is
a bootable disk.  Once it loads the kernel, it will ask you for the
root.bin disk, which is the root filesystem.

> Another question, is there an central, authorative repository 
> or source packages to match the binary ones?  RPMs can contain both 
> source and binary offer either method to install.

Are you looking for source deb files?  You put a deb-src line in your
sources.list and:

apt-get source _some_package_name?

Anyone back me up on this one?


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