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Re: Network problems with DHCP and/or iptables...

sebras@hotmail.com (Sebastian Rasmussen) writes:

> At the time I was running kernel 2.4.17 so I compiled a 2.4.18 kernel which 
> didn't solve the problem. I tried compiling a 2.4.19-rc1 kernel (which I'm 
> running now) because of the netfilter and 8139too updates but I still 
> couldn't make the problems go away.
> A few minutes ago the same ping problems occured. I tried plugging in a 
> Windows machine using DHCP which worked instantly. When I replugged my linux 
> machine it still couldn't ping my ISPs DNS (or any other host) so I suppose 
> I can't blame my ISP (though I would like to :-) ). I noted though that the 
> led on the cable-modem didn't light up when tethereal reported that a packet 
> was sent. Since the cable-modem works most of the time I don't think the 
> modem is the source of the problems.
> I can't figure out if the problem is in dhcp-client, ipmasq, iptables, 
> netfilter or my NIC-driver. Everything seems correctly configured and it has 
> worked for the last 9 months apart from the last two weeks though.

I have had problems with these realtek cards with _SOME_ hardware
on both Linix and Windows(95). Might be worth trying a different


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