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Re: cannot access some https sites with any browser

Ben Thompson wrote:
Does anybody on this list know if there is any way that my kernel could
be having a problem with routing secure connections to my web browsers?

I am no expert, but it seems to me that the problem is not with mozilla.

I have not read the previous mail but it seems easy to check if the
problem is with mozilla or somewhere else :

  install an alternate ssl-aware browser.

I would suggest lynx.

OK I've tried Lynx and it dosen't work with my bank


It gives the same results as mozilla and netscape (it just times out and cannot make the connection). Please could someone advise anything that I could do to troubleshoot this problem. Thanks, Ben Thompson.

Are you perhaps behind a proxy/firewall/etc? Is this over dial-up/LAN/Cable/DSL?

What's the possibility you could take the computer to another "network" (a friend's house with a different ISP, etc) and try it from there. That'll go a long way to determining if the problem is in the box or between the box and the bank.


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