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Question about dialup internet connection

I am running diald and ppp to gain access to the internet. I have two 
Macintoshes, and two Debian/Woody i386 computers, all connected via ethernet.
One of the Debians manages the telephone connection. I use fetchmail to get
my email from my isp.

I have diald set to hangup if there is no activity for five minutes. Fetchmail
is set to check for mail every two hours. Cronyd checks the time once a day.

I notice that the phone is always connected. I would like to know what is 
keeping diald from hanging up. Where might I look to see a log of what is
happening? What must I do to create a log, if it is not part of the standard
install of Woody? Is there software that I can use to spy on myself and see
in real-time what I am sending over the ppp link?


Paul E Condon           

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