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Re: Creating a mirror

On 1 Jul 2002, Bostjan Muller wrote:

> Hi!
> The LUGOS (Linux User Group Of Slovenia) is having a Linux Fest on
> Saturday. I have to create the archive of woody and sid, so the people
> there can update their distros from a local mirror, since the fascility
> does not have a very broad pipe to the net.
> I need some advice, how to create a mirror of just woody and sid
> distros, so I can create a local archive with them.
> Thank you in advance!
I like to use debmirror, apt-get install debmirror
the command
debmirror -p --nosource -h ftp.uio.no -d testing /home/speil
will get testing without the source from the mirror ftp.uio.no and put it
under /home/speil on my machine, this takes about 4.2 GB of space (as of
April 2002)

This is my tip.


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