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Re: Comments on the new gnome-terminal.

On Fri, 2002-06-28 at 12:57, Steve Juranich wrote:
> Last night, while I was doing my nightly 'apt-get dist-upgrade', I
caught the 
> new gnome-terminal package (2.0).  I can't help but saying that I
think it 
> really stinks. :<
Too bad-- I love the tabbed terminals

> It grabbed this huge 100dpi font for the toolbar. There weren't nearly
as many 
> configuration options as in the older version.  None of the fonts that
I was 
> able to choose from looked "right".  The 'translucent background'
option also 
> blurred the background image.  All in all, it was much, much uglier
than the 
> earlier versions of gnome-terminal.
I guess you are using the full gnome2?  If not, you should, and use
gnome-control-center to set the fonts.  Then add 'export GDK_USE_XFT=1'
to one of your x startup scripts.  The terminal is absolutely beautiful

> Since well over half of my time in front of a computer is spent
looking at a 
> terminal, it MUST be somewhat appealing.  I know that there's only so
> that a designer can do with lines of text, but it seems like this new
> was such a step backwards as far as visual appeal goes.
I hear you in that it is important.  Try the above.

Jamie Strandboge
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