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Re: Mail Server

Actually, qmail isn't that hard to setup, and it was quite a learning
experience.  I love how fast it is.  When I get home from work and check my
e-mail, 200-300 messages are retreived in just a couple of seconds.

The whole reason I bought a second computer was to learn Linux and possibly
switch from windows.  I'm constantly doing large enterprize installs just to
see what's involved and to see if I can get it to work.  If I can get
something to work at home, then getting it to work on the job is quite a bit


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> Well, in that case, I wouldn't even bother using qmail since
> its pretty nuch built for lots of users with lots of needs.
> Your needs are fairly minimal, why not go to something which
> is a basically less configration and installs with an apt-get,
> you need a fairly simple MTA?
> scroll back and someone actually pointed out how to stop the relaying
> with exim -- I think.
> g.

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