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Re: Install from binary -1 iso cd [OT]

On Sunday 23 June 2002 09:52 pm, Paul Mackinney wrote:
> ben declaimed:
> > On Sunday 23 June 2002 07:36 pm, Todd Benson wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > > My install is bogging down when I get to the package selection
> > > phase....I choose CDROM as my source, and then a brief message flashes
> > > 'kernel does not support ISO9960 file system' - perhaps I don't
> > > remember the ISO number right, but that's the idea. I downloaded the
> > > iso file  using jigdo. Any help is greatly appreciated!
> > > Todd
> >
> > it's iso9660. are you booting from the cd? have you mounted the cd? is it
> > a scsi device? give us more details. the more you can elaborate in the
> > definition of the problem, the better the help you'll get. i've never
> > used jigdo. do you have a base system installed, i.e. can you boot into
> > debian already?
> >
> > ben
> A tangential question:
> Suppose I'm booted, but not from the CD, and I _do_ have access to my
> CD, and the Woody 1 CD is mount (e.g., /dev/hdc -> /cdrom)
> How can I start the Woody install script without rebooting?
> TIA, Paul

let's take the tangent further. are you working with a booted system, right 
now? or are you staring at a blinking cursor that you're unwilling to give up 
because it's a sign of life? if all you have to lose is a primary 
installation that you're not sure of, anyway, what do you have to lose by a 
re-installation? the point is that if you have the basics in place so that 
you can reboot into debian, it's not that difficult to enable the rest of the 
installation off the web. don't be timid about accurately describing what's 
happening. we've all been there, to one degree or another. keep in mind that 
there are no stupid questions, and ignore the dumbasses who might suggest the 


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