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Re: Help with install of Debian 2.2.r6

On Monday 24 June 2002 01:47 am, Kamesh Patel wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to install Debian on a Dell Server machine. When i boot up with
> the bootable cd i get as far into the boot up procedure as loading the
> sym53c416.c module. Then the system halts and stays there.
> The system is SCSI and has a Adaptec 7899 card in it with two channels. I
> am using the first channel for the hard disk. The cd-rom is IDE.
> Has anyone had such a problem, i would really like to start the install of
> debian off! Also when i try to install Progeny's Debian on the server it
> installs fine! (no pauses or halts) can some help please?

why not install the potato (progeny) version and then adjust your 
/etc/sources.list if you want to upgrade from there?


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