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Re: exim doesn't deliver to maildirs

Christian Schoenebeck declaimed:
> > I've been trying to switch from mbox to maildir, but exim won't deliver
> > to my maildirs. Here's the relevant section of my exim.conf:
> I replaced the local_delivery section by:
> 	local_delivery:
> 	  driver = appendfile
> 	  create_directory = true
> 	  directory_mode = 700
> 	  directory = ${home}/Maildir
> 	  group = mail
> 	  mode = 0660
> 	  envelope_to_add = true
> 	  return_path_add = true
> 	  maildir_format
> That works for me. I also found a nice perl script which converts old mbox -> 
> Maildir. Let me know if you need it.
Well this doesn't hurt at any rate, the old system of having the primary
deliver go to 

file = /var/spool/mail/${localpart}

was also working. The mbox or Maildir specified in the local_delivery
transport of exim.conf gets the mail. The problem is that my .forward
file won't file mail to Maildirs, just mboxes. A stripped down example

   # Exim filter
   if error_message then
   if $h_Subject contains "mailtest" then
       seen save $home/Maildir/test/
       save $home/Maildir/inbox
   # end .forward

According to the comments in exim.conf:TRANSPORTS CONFIGURATION, it's
the address_directory transport that handles addresses generated by
.forward files. Could you send me that section?


Paul Mackinney

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