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clearly asked to delete something dear

I wish you experts would take a look at this from the point of us new
users.  A new user is faced with capital letters from the system
saying something dear to him will be removed.

On the other hand we have lower case letters from a person in the
newsgroup saying it is not what it seems, as there is some
"metapackage" of the same name, don't worry.

> # apt-get remove rpm
> The following packages will be REMOVED:
> kde kpackage rpm
> > The thing want's to remove KDE when I ask it to remove RPM, what kind of
> service is that?

< No, it doesn't. 'kde' is just a metapackage; it contains nothing but
< dependencies on the real bits of KDE. If you want to remove one of those
< bits (since kpackage depends on rpm), then there's absolutely nothing
< wrong with removing the kde metapackage.

Note I don't use KDE or RPM etc., and yes I'm sure you're correct in
your explanation of what is going on here.  My point is: can you
really blame us lesser experienced users for being anxious here?  Is
this an ideal situation that we are staring down the barrel of a gun
and told that it is not what it seems?  Can you experts please correct
the situation?  Would the same be tolerable with traffic signs and air
traffic control in the real world?
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