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Re: Debian source package usage?

On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Bob Proulx wrote:

> > I am trying to build 'ls' from source.
> > 
> > Finding that ftp.gnu.org sources don't work, I grab the 
> > fileutils*[dsc|orig|diff]* files from debian.
> Being more of a GNU type of person than a Debian type of person (yet!)
> I would like to ask what "don't work" about the GNU sources?  They
> should build out of the box on most machines just fine.
>   tar xzf fileutils-4.1.8.tar.gz
>   cd fileutils-4.1.8
>   ./configure
>   make

The latest I find is fileutils-4.1.

shred.o fails with an undeclared CLOCK_REALTIME

Ls compiles and links but a ./src/ls gives a few blank lines and
a ls -l gives

./src/ls: : No such file or directory

multiple times;  about once for each directory entry.

> Note that you want dpkg to know about the files you installed.  So I
> am *not* arguing to bypass the packager by doing a make install.  On

I don't really care in this case.

> the contrary I highly recommend installing to a system using a package
> manager and never do a 'make install' unless it is part of building a
> package.  I am just saying that the GNU sources should work and am

> pained that you say they don't.  Feel free to move the discussion to
> <bug-fileutils@gnu.org> if it is upstream specific.
> If the GNU sources have problems then read the FAQ first and then file
> a bug with <bug-fileutils@gnu.org>.  Build bugs are usually addressed
> quite quickly.
>   http://www.gnu.org/software/fileutils/doc/faq/
> > I find the /usr/doc/debian/source-unpack.txt file
> > and follow it.
> > 
> > Now, what do I do next?  That is: When/what do
> > I do with a debian/rules file?
> I am hoping for good discussion here as I am learning this side of
> things myself.
> Bob

rob                     Live the dream.

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