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Re: Woody NVIDIA X Setup

Bedford, Donald T. wrote:

When I upgraded/build a new kernel, I had a problem w/ the nvidia driver and
ended up changing back to 'Driver      "nv"' (see step 6). Not optimal but
it works...

That's not really a solution, because all you're doing is returning to the old, limited nvidia hardware driver, "nv", that comes with X11. The driver from NVIDIA is more optimized for the hardware than "nv" is. However, if you're not interested in 3D type apps like Quake, and you're only interested in a 2D desktop then you probably don't "need" the NVIDIA driver, and could get by with "nv". I suppose the NVIDIA driver has better optimizations for 2D acceleration too, but it probably isn't a big enough difference to matter that much. If you want 3D acceleration though, and OpenGL support, you really have to use NVIDIA's driver, not "nv".

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