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Re: ecc, error correcting code insertion

G'day Bob & Eric,

Bob was right.  I am not looking for a specific use.  I am after a
reliable way to perform end to end data verification and correction of
any stream. 

Verification is still necessary despite guarantees from TCP/IP protocol
stacks, kernel socket APIs, and programmers of TCP clients.  Most of us
do file verification using md5sum.

I've been familiar with the technology of ECC and FEC for many years,
especially in the use of CRCs and redundancy groups in the OpenVMS
BACKUP utility.  I'm looking for an open source solution to consider for
integration with some of the open source projects I lead.  Being a
Debian user for a couple of years, I felt Debian would have had
something for me.  ;-)

I'm a socket API programmer myself, and know about EAGAIN and SIGPIPE,
but that isn't the issue for me.  I suppose I could have meant a popen()

The context that triggered my search was backup media, like floppy
discs.  vdmfec seems like it might address the requirement, though it
cannot cope with data loss.

Bob: I searched for ecc, but didn't find anything but the ecc.README ...
have you found the code anywhere?

James Cameron                                     (james.cameron@hp.com)

http://quozl.linux.org.au/         (or)         http://quozl.netrek.org/

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