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Re: Debian is not GNU [at least current GNU]

On 11-Jun-2002 James Troup wrote:
> "Sean 'Shaleh' Perry" <shalehperry@attbi.com> writes:
>> As to the specific awk issue, when we made the choice mawk worked better on
>> more scripts than gawk did.  This may have changed in the last 2 years or so
>> but was still valid when potato came out.
> Err, no.  Mawk is the default because (since awk is a (virtual)
> essential package,) it's important that the required/base version be
> as as small as possible.  mawk does _not_ work better on scripts,
> compared to gawk.  mawk is dead upstream and has been for several
> years; it has several outstanding (non-trivial to fix) bugs that won't
> be addresses any time soon.  gawk on the other hand is actively
> maintained upstream and has almost no outstanding (non-packaging) bugs
> I'm aware of.
> If you're going to feed the trolls, at least feed them well... :-P

as I said, two years ago I found that random awk scripts worked better with
mawk than gawk, this has likely changed.

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