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Re: Woody NVIDIA X Setup

Hi Rusty!

On Mon, 10 Jun 2002, Rusty Minden wrote:

> I have had Debian installed two times and have not yet been able too get X
> working right. I found a mini how to but have not tried it out yet. At
> http://games.luv.asn.au/lsd/nvidia-mini-howto.html  Is this up to date? Any 
> help would be
> appreciated. I have decided to move over to Debian after working with SuSE up
> till 8.0 They took out YAST and now you have to use YAST2 and I don't like
> it. If I have to change over I wanted too move to Debian :-)

I just replaced my Matrox G400 with a gforce2 ti and it works great.
There are only four things you have to do.  Download the two tar files
from nvidia's site.  make install both of them.  Edit the XF86Config-4
file and restart X.  

The nvidia site has a readme that explains it all.

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