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GCC 3.1 depends and BinUtils - safe to updrade?


I'm currently tracking testing with the /etc/apt/preferences set to:
testing - 800
unstable - 700
stable - 600

Recently after doing an update in dselect/apt-get it automatically
selected GCC 3.1 and several related stuff.
Unfortunatelly they seen to depend on some libs and the binutils in SID.

Normally in cases like thid I just do apt-get install libname/unstable.
In case of binutils I don't know though whether it is safe...
I'm slowly learning Linux and I remember reading somewhere a long time
ago that for some reason it can break things badly if you have the
wrong version of binutils and/or modutils installed...

So my questions would be:
Is this true?
If yes, where could I learn about the reasons for this and similar issues?
Finally, in this particular case, would it be safe to upgrade binutils?

On a sidenote:
Is it possible to set apt preferences so that it will prefer testing,
but in case some packages depend on versions that are only in unstable,
it will automatically take them from unstable, but only those that are

Many thanks for your help in advance!
best regards,

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