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Re: GCC 3.1 depends and BinUtils - safe to updrade?

On Mon, 2002-06-10 at 19:45, Balazs Javor wrote:

> So my questions would be:
> Is this true?
> If yes, where could I learn about the reasons for this and similar issues?
> Finally, in this particular case, would it be safe to upgrade binutils?

I'm having no problems running SID for over a year now (except for the
nasty libpam problem which wouldn't let me log in)...

But there's a reason it's called unstable.. In unstable things *can*
(and sometimes *will*) break...

Ah well.. You've probably heard that story over and over again.. The
binutils version in unstable isn't causing me any problems, but, because
it's unstable, it might cause you problems :).


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