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DHCP for PCMCIA interface: Being Canonical

I have a wireless (SMC 2632W) PCMCIA network card on my laptop which runs 

Works great, once up. However, I do have to manually "pump -i wlan0" for it to 
get its address from the friendly neighbourhood DHCP server.

I realize this is a function of the whole PCMCIA/Network issue covered 
competently in the FAQ for pcmcia-cs on Debian systems. However, I guess my 
knowledge does not extend far enough from understanding how things should be 
done in a general sense ('networking options for pcmcia cards should be 
started by the pcmcia scripts, and not the /etc/init.d networking scripts'), 
to what I should be doing to get the card to actually pump itself 
automatically on startup without me having to log into a console, su, and do 
"pump -i wlan0". . 

I could probably hobble together some script to "get this working", without 
too much troble but I know that whatever I come up with will not be the 
canonical solution. 

What is the canonical Debian way to get your pcmcia (wireless) card to fetch 
it's IP from a DHCP server on boot?


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