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Re: Lilo Q

On Sun, 9 Jun 2002, Alvin Oga wrote:

> hi ya alice
> yeah...you can ignore the "/dev/hde1 is not the first disk" noise maker..
> but, you have to confirm that you can boot from /dev/hde, /dev/hdf, ...
> 	- move that linux disk to /dev/hdd temporarily to 
> 	see if it will boot off hdd

I don't see how I could do that.... the whole reason I have the hard drive
on the Promise ultra is that it's a 60g hd and reportedly with even the 
most up to date bios available for my mb it will only see 32g

wouldn't putting a hd that it can't see all of be a problem? I'd be afraid
that it could get corrupted if I tried to boot on it under those

btw, if it helps any, in the process of all this I've discovered that my
motherboard is an asus tpx4 and my bios is a 109l (I can't decide if the
'award modular bios v4.51g' is a red herring or somehow relevant... but
the 109l shows up where the asus site says to look for the bios version)

(well, just checking if any bells are ringing for anyone out there) 

I did go to the asus ng to see if they had any ideas on whether the tpx4
is even capable of booting from an offboard controller but those who
responded so far seemed a bit confused by the concept of a linux boot
process and told me to check my 'boot files'. I think they're thinking
about windows but I figured I'd doublecheck on whether it was possible 
lilo might still be the culprit after all

> - check your bios ... that you have hde listed

I'm not sure what you mean here.

The onboard controller knows about the devices connected to it. During
bootup the Promise card is detected and in the processs shows that it has
detected the 60g hd is attached to it. If the mb's bios is having a
problem it would seem to in recognizing that the Promise card has its own
bios that I want boot control handed over to

> or move it around to be hda..
> c ya
> alvin
> On Sat, 8 Jun 2002, Alice M. Pinard wrote:
> > As I'm continuing to try and troubleshoot a hd that doesn't seem to want
> > to boot (promise ultra card, 60g hd) I just wanna doublecheck one thing
> ...

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