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Re: this post is not off-topic

>>"Ivo" == Ivo Wever <I.J.W.Wever@student.tnw.tudelft.nl> writes:

 Ivo> On a related matter: if a number of developers were at odds with
 Ivo> part of the current policy, how would they be able to try and
 Ivo> change the policy regarding that issue (supposing that if the
 Ivo> majority of developers, including those with expertise regarding
 Ivo> the subject concur, something would be changed)?

	Debian policy is not writ in stone. We are a group of people
 with common cause -- and, if "a number of developers" are at odds
 with the way things are done, then 
   a) They can talk and try to convince other people
   b) Come up with code/test cases and demonstrate the better method
   c) Realize that as volunteers no one can dictate how they spend
      their time
	Debian is essentially a bazaar of cathedrals -- each developer
 has almost absolute control over the work that he does (well, with
 some restrictions -- following licenses, heeding the policy
 guidelines, etc).

 You cannot propel yourself forward by patting yourself on the back.
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