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Problem with apsfilter

I'm having a problem with apsfilter.
I'm running Woody. My printer is a HP LaserJet 5MP. This is a postscript 
printer that also happens to support the Apple Mac. 

Before I installed apsfilter I could get nicely formatted prints of source 
files from emacs by specifying postscript, but I could not print simple text
files without first running a filter that inserted carriage returns before 
each line feed.

With apsfilter, I can print text files without first having to insert carriage
returns, but postscript from emacs is messed up. The file is printed, but it
is shifted to the left so that the first ten or twelve characters of each line
are missing and there is almost no left margin. I can't find any mention of
sideways shift control in the docs. 

Also, I think I once had good results from apsfilter under RedHat, but long
ago. I thought that I selected a driver named something like hplj4. Now I don't
see any HP LaserJet drivers that I can select, so I have selected the generic
postscript in the apsfilter config.


Paul E Condon           

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