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Re: What's murhpy.debian.org doing in my firewall logs ?

I think i'm all done. I've setup relayclients, and opened the smtp port to
the internet. The firewall msg's are gone so that's a good point.
However, http://www.abuse.net/relay.html gives me a fault at step 6
mentioning that there 'might' be a relay problem. I tried another relay
test-site and all the tests were ok, so i think i'm fine now :)
Thanks for your help, ppl


> On Mon, 03 Jun 2002, D.J. Bolderman wrote:
>> Ok, thanks i will look into this. If I just allow murphy.debian.org
>> access to my system, the problem would also go away wouldn't it ?
>> I also guess it's better to use a dns server on my server so I can
>> control these things beter ?
> You have to either close your smtp port from outside access or remove
> your local smtp daemon, or you need to allow smtp access to the entire
> Internet.

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