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Re: What's murhpy.debian.org doing in my firewall logs ?

On Mon, 03 Jun 2002, D.J. Bolderman wrote:
> Could you please give me a hint where to fix this (i'm just a clueless
> niewbie)

The change must be made in the nameserver that answers for
bolderman.xs4all.nl. It is probably operated by your provider (there are no
nameservers listed for bolderman.xs4all.nl, which means the nameservers for
xs4all.nl are responsible for it). 

If so, you will need to request that xs4all make the change. Talk to them,
they gave you your domain name and static IP, after all...

I suggest you read a bit about DNS, it is an useful knowledge to have if you
have your own static IP. Use www.google.com to locate FAQs on DNS, for

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