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Re: low memory installation 4mb 386sx

on Sun, Jun 23, 2002, Rick Dawson (rkdawson@mstar2.net) wrote:
> Hello everyone:
> This is my first posting to this newsgroup.
> I have the following system:
> 386SX-25
> math copro
> 4mb ram
> 1.44 fdd
> 120 mb hdd
> 4x atapi ide cdrom
> know ram is cheap but I want to do this because I understand it can be

Please set your mailer/editor linewrap to 68-75 characters.  I strongly
recommend 72 as a good default.

Thank you.

> done and I want to take on the challenge.  (Kind of like the famous
> question: why do men climb mountains? Because they're there.)  I
> realize that there are mini-distros that would install easily on dos
> via umsdos but that's not what I'm trying to accomplish.  I would like
> to install a full distro on a ext2 file system without any dos
> partitions left over.  When I'm done I just want to have two
> partitions - one native linux partition and one linux swap partition.

Can be done.  I'd recommend against it.  The overhead of a Debian
distribution, including such things as the package list and cache, and
the memory required to handle it, are more than 4 MiB RAM + 120 MiB disk
can handle.  My current low-end system is a 486 33 MHz, 16 MiB, 500 MiB
system.  I don't have enough memory to get through an apt-get
update, let alone an upgrade.

I'd suggest using Debian to bootstrap this process instead.  The bootcd
package may offer what you're looking for, though I haven't played with
it, yard is another possibility.


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