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Re: Multiple files

on Fri, May 31, 2002, Daniel D Jones (ddjones@riddlemaster.org) wrote:
> How does one handle multiple files via most command line utilities?  For
> example, suppose you have a handful of perl scripts (*.pl) and you want
> to save them in the same directory with a different extension.  The
> command
> cp *.pl *.bak
> complains that you're copying multiple files but the last command isn't
> a directory.

    $ man mmv

...though I typically use the 'for' loop others mention.

> Or suppose you have a series of perl scripts which are saved in DOS
> line-end format.  The extra ^M on the bang line causes bash not to
> recognize the path to perl, and the script to fail.  Sounds like a job
> for sed.
> sed s/^M// *.pl > *.unix

dos2unix accepts multiple file arguments, changing files "in place":

    dos2unix *.pl


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