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Re: List etiquette/ Thanks everyone

on Fri, May 31, 2002, Daniel Toffetti (dtoffe@softhome.net) wrote:
> > Can someone tell me what is the agreed upon method on this list for
> > saying thanks.
> >
> > There were so many replies to my questions it would be a very long
> > job to reply to everyone individually with thanks, though if thats
> > how it goes thats what I'll do.
> I think there is no standard method, I believe it's nice to see any of 
> the posts in the thread replied with a prepending "[SOLVED]" in the 
> subject line. That way those who helped are acknowledged that their 
> suggestions were useful.
> You may express your gratitude within the message body in the way you 
> feel inclined, but it's also useful to explain the details of your 
> problem and the way you finally solved it, so the experience is spread 
> amongst everyone.

Strongly seconded.  Summarizing the result that works also plants this
information in the archives, providing closure for anyone researching
the topic there.  This also argues strongly for responding in the
original thread.  Note that good email clients (and archivers) use the
"References" and/or "In-Reply-To" headers in messages to build threads.

This is why modifying the subject line in a thread is usually acceptable
(it updates thread topic when drift sets in but doesn't break the
thread), and why attempting to start a new topic by hitting "reply to"
on an existing thread is generally frowned upon.


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