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RE:request for documentation pointer

Alice M. Pinard writes:
 > I don't upgrade distros very often, is there documentation I could be
 > pointed to to read on what steps I should take? And is there anything
 > special about moving to an unstable distribution? (Again, I've only ever
 > used stable distributions before)

Well, I've never really seen anything, but I started from stable and
went to testing, and that was how I used to set up my machines.  This
is all from memory, but here's the gist of things:
1) backup
2) change your sources.list file to point to testing instead of potato 
   or stable
3) apt-get update
4) apt-get install dpkg apt # this may not be strictly necessary
   # anymore
5) apt-get dist-upgrade
6) that's it.
7) Okay, you may have a bunch of task* stuff installed, so when you
   use dselect, those will be listed as obsolete, and you may have to
   do some cleaning up.  You will probably also have other obsolete
   things--I can't really tell you what they are, unfortunately, but
   I've never found anything that made a difference, but I had never
   really used the stable distribution before upgrading.

I'm sure others on this list can add some things I'm missing.


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