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Re: request for documentation pointer

Alice M. Pinard wrote:
Ok, I've resigned myself to the fact that for various reasons I'm going to
have to upgrade to woody even though I really prefer to stick with the
stable distribution.

I don't upgrade distros very often, is there documentation I could be
pointed to to read on what steps I should take? And is there anything
special about moving to an unstable distribution? (Again, I've only ever
used stable distributions before)

If you have documentation installed you will have:


If you don't have it then:

apt-get install apt-howto-en

or other language: es, it, ja, ko, pl, ru

When you install woody you will have an improved version of apt which you may be able to install first by adding to /etc/apt/sources.list and trying:

apt-get install apt/testing


Paul Scott

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