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Re: Kills Linux hdd's?

On Fri, May 31, 2002 at 11:27:14PM -0700, ben wrote:

> six months ago, while he was still thirteen, he built his own system. little 
> punk has also outgrown me by an inch, or if you take his word, an inch and a 
> half. still can't get him to embrace linux--he's a gamer.

So am I!  I use Debian exclusively, even at LAN parties.

I was at a LAN party last summer back when I had a spare box to kick
around for parties, and I was playing UT.  And a bunch of guys were
watching me play and holding about 700 frags per hour and an acceptable
framerate on an underpowered box (relative to the rest of the crowd)
amazed that I got a shitbox to perform acceptably well, while
badmouthing Linux when someone else brought it up.  The figured I was
overclocking.  I wasn't (at the time).  Quit out of the game, show off
my true colors.  You shoulda seen jaws drop and opinions shift; it
probably registered on the richter scale.


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